How To Use SOS.  Is It Safe For Children And The Elderly?

How To Use SOS. Is It Safe For Children And The Elderly?

First a quick reminder of what SOS is and what’s in it:

SOS is an electrolyte powder based off the World Health Organisation’s Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) guidelines but that’s where the similarities with other “me too” ORS brands ends.

Dr Blanca took the SOS formula a step further by reducing the amount of sugar (more than half other ORS drinks), yet still kept the magic absorption ratio of one molecule of sugar to one molecule of sodium.  She also increased the amount of chloride (because that’s the second most electrolyte we sweat after sodium) and added magnesium (10% RDA) and zinc (20% RDA).  The latter not only helps to speed absorption but also gives the immune system a boost.


So how do we best optimise SOS to get what we need out of its fantastic qualities?

First off, our small silver packs (small because of the minimal sugar but they sure pack a punch) are designed to be mixed with 8floz (250ml) of fresh water. Best is to drink with cold water, but you can also drink it warm.

We chose the size of the packaging and serving size because it makes it easier to mix, carry around but also perfect to use with children.


How to drink SOS when sick:

With a viral illness or diarrhea and vomiting the last thing we want to do is drink, but we assure you that taking SOS with water will help.  Remember it’s as effective as an IV drip.  We would suggest that you mix one packet / scoop in 8floz (250ml) of cold water.  Drink little and often (every 15 minutes) increasing the amount you drink as you begin to tolerate it more.  You may need to drink up to 32 – 64floz (1 – 2 liters) of mixed SOS per day until you feel better. Remember to speak to your physician if the vomiting, diarrhea or fever lasts more than 24hrs.  If you don’t use the mixed SOS all at once then pop it in the refrigerator.  It can be kept there for 24hrs.


How to use with children or toddlers or even babies:

SOS is safe for children and toddlers.  We suggest you mix one stick in 8floz (250ml) of cold water and then either get them to sip it little and often (about every 15 minutes until they feel better) or, if they are too little, we suggest putting it into the serving syringes you get with children’s medicine and administer it into their mouths.

We do suggest that you check with your physician to use with a baby under 1, however as an example we did use with our daughter when she caught norovirus at 9mths. It was a game changer and speeded up recovery.


What about the elderly?

Having seen it first hand, most of our elderly relatives don’t like to drink much unless its tea or something sweeter and most don’t drink enough water.  If you can get them to sip a warm or cold serving of SOS once a day (providing they don’t have any underlying heart or kidney issues, in which case ask your doctor).  If they are infirm, we have fed SOS to them like we did with our toddler using the serving syringe.


What about daily use?

If you are normally active, like myself then I mix 1 stick / scoop of SOS slightly diluted in 16floz (1 pint) for a morning boost.  It won’t work as well as 2 sticks in 16floz (1 pint) but it will give you electrolytes, zinc and magnesium to start off your day.  For activity, or if you are feeling a bit dehydrated, I always opt for the optimal 2 sticks / 2 scoops per 16 floz (1 pint) balance.


In these crazy times please stay healthy, stay hydrated and look after those around you / next door!





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